Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Part 3 - Prestons Party

Our friends, the Prestons threw a fantastic party on Halloween. We had a chili potluck with amazing cornbread. E had his first encounter with a pinata, which I discovered is one of my favorite party games. Mental note to include a pinata at all parties. Jared, Shannon, & cousin Henry even came to enjoy the festivities. Here a demonstration that E CAN share. Here Henry is enjoying the fantastic car.
The best solution for the boys to enjoy the car together. Everybody wins.

Shannon wins the best costume award. The best part is, all items were from her closet. Not the closet with the dress up clothes, her real closet. I think just the Aqua Net was the only addition. She is a fashion guru. Henry might win second place with the dragon getup. It was pretty great too.
After all of our "smashing" good time at the Prestons' Party (remember the pinata, hehe). We went trick-or-treating in the Prestons' neighborhood which included a firehouse. What a highlight.
The whole fam-damily
E and Henry again, sharing the wheel to the firetruck. We won't mention how E bellowed louder than the fire engine horns when we removed him ever-so-gently from the drivers seat. We won't mention that part at all.
What a long night (and month, eh?)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Part 2 - Pumpkin Patch

Several friends of mind got together at the Pumpkin Farm, which we did last year. You can see how E measured up compared to last year. And I know I know, there are one million pictures, but you will notice I didn't even include pictures of other people's kids. I am being picky, these are only the good ones. Because there is a plethora of pictures, I will do my best to not be verbose.
Almost two and a half feet now! Last year, he was barely over the 18 inch mark.
Lest you think I only stick E's head through things, oh no. Everybody gets to play.
Poser. By that I mean, we didn't actually purchase any of these pumpkins. We just pretended to.
E's eyes are too big for his little arms (much like my eyes are always bigger than my stomach)
E and Grandma taking a break from this 85 degree weather! I love California!
You might notice that E had two different outfits on. Simply because he got too hot in the long sleeve onesie, so luckily I packed something a little lighter. Hey, now I'm getting better at being prepared.
Here's one my size...
They had these huge baby swimming pools (is that a paradox?) filled with Lima beans. E didn't want to get out of these. Consequently, we came home with a few still lodged in his diaper.
E also fell in love with this castle and repeatedly went in and out of the doors.

See? Only one picture of E going down the slide, when I'm sure he did this at least 500 times. I'm being selective.
At the end, we decided to take the "Express Train" around the Pumpkin Farm. Totally worth it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Part 1 - Ward Party

This was our big debut with the coolest costume ever. And by that, of course, I mean, low cost, little effort, and excellent excuse to purchase mini car for E and use that one-piece I bought back in college (oh don't you wish you knew why...long story, with little to no comedic factor, so I will spare you.)

John had to come straight from work, and would have no chance to spend some real time dressing up. So E was our little racecar driver, and John and I became the pit crew. Genius, I know.

The whole she-bang.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

More pics from Oct

Look at these teeth! Ok, after you look at the spaghetti, I realize that part is a little distracting. E has 4 teeth and the top ones are so far apart, I love it! He's getting more and more insistant on feeding himself these days. 13 months and going on 13 I'm afraid.
For Halloween, which you will see momentarily, we got this awesome car for E. He doesn't want to leave it alone and wants to drive around our house all day long.
E is walking all over the place now. And, surprise surprise, it's Adorable. Lucky for you, in case you missed it. It's available here.
Remember how I said he acts like he's 13? Well the phone seems to be one of his favorite toys and he constantly dials people. If you're lucky, you might just get a phone call. John has.

The weather continues to be fair this month and we are spending quite a lot of time outside. E LOVES playing with the dogs. We just have to keep teaching him to be gentle. It's kind of funny because we do notice that we give the same command to E as we do to the dogs..."easy, easy now, Ethan." He seems to have a habit of biting them though. Gross. He comes away with a mouthful of black hair. It's quite disgusting. At the same time though, I'm thrilled that the dogs dont' seem to mind, and are super gentle around him. The only problem thus far seems to be that they don't realize they are each well over a hundred pounds and he's not even a quarter of that.
E got a new pair of kicks and enjoys showing them off. Pedipeds are awesome. You know we're name brand hoes.
Looking as handsome as always.
Screen Shot. E continues to be the happiest boy ever. Especially when enjoying the outdoors. Are all kids like that? Or does this mean we should start buying up stock at REI or something?
More walking, if you aren't directly related to us, this may bore you to tears. Lo siento, but my blog, my rules. And more IS more in my opinion. And FYI, that's not me panting in the video, it's Sadie.
John celebrated his birthday with the fam this month! Jared, Shannon, and Henry were there too, but managing the camera takes a lot of people. So pictured here are John, Ethan, Jane (John's madre), GG (John's Grandma), and E.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple Hill

So I got a new calling in church as the Secretary in Young Womens. I happen to think it is the best calling possible in the ward, which comes with all the fun and not so much of the responsibility (pardon to any other callings in my past). As part of the calling we meet together about once a week, outside of church for activities. As one of my first activities, we got to go to Apple Hill, which is basically a collection of farms that come together to form sort of an farmers market and craft-fair baby. Since there is food involved, you know I'm there. Little man got to come along with me to join in the food tasting, and pumpkin picking.
E got a bonus sweater out of the deal. Check it out. I paid 20 bucks for the little hand knit, hand appliqued sweater. Dream come true, no? E loved it. I loved it. John thought I got ripped off and made E look like a homeless child. Come on peeps, what's the verdict? I wish I had a little better shot of it. I already know whose right. Besides, it was freezing bejeezing and E needed an extra layer to keep him warm. Surprisingly I still haven't gotten the hang of the boy scout logo (be prepared).
Of course, we got to participate in the magical art of taking the cheesy pic with the cut out object where you place your head. What on earth are these things called? As you will soon see, I'm a huge fan of these things, if there's one somewhere I can't help but take a picture with E's little noggin shoved through. I know. I'm such a square. See? My little pumpkin, encased in the sweet bliss of a wooden pumpkin. I'm so glad he was willing to acquiesce.
Another star of the show. Carmel Apple Pie. The streusel and caramel. It was amazing. Of course, I like my pie crust better, but I've just GOT to find a recipe for the filling. Plus, whatever recipes that involve apples, I'm all for. I got an apple peeler/corer/slicer from John's aunt and cousin last Christmas, and I can't get a hold of enough apples to keep peeling/coring/slicing. It's amazing. Call me if you want a demo. We can make applesauce, or cobbler, or PIE!
Here is the Dynamic duo in the orchard about to leave. We had a blast. E got to be outdoors (his favorite activity), and I got to eat (my favorite activity). I'm also sporting this super sweet backpack that my sister let me borrow. Sadly, we will soon be parted as she has another baby now and our time together is coming to an end, sniff. She got this from goodwill for $3. How am I supposed to find a deal like that? If any of you have one, or know someone who doesn't want theirs anymore, I would gladly pay twice that. OBO.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

E is walking and talking now

For your information, the file marked "October 2008" contains 277 photos. I tell you we've been b-u-s-y . So be prepared for one million photos, or maybe just 270. I've been working on picking only my favorites, but I'm not very good at it, and I'm not sure I even reallly want to be. Just consider it some extra eye candy. I'll try to be light on the commentary.
This is E's official 13 month old shot. He's now walking around, all over the place and enjoys talking on the phone even. Ethan doesn't seem to love the phone quite as much as the tv remote of course, but I don't think he's going to give that up for several years, John hangs on tight to that remote too, so we see where he gets it. No need to mention anything about where he gets the phone use though, I've already heard it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

E turns 1!

For E's first Birthday we went big. Well, big for us Crawfords. We did a BBQ at a local park with minimum clean-up and maximum entertainment. E had a super cute shirt that I borrowed from a friend of mine for such an occasion. Shades courtesy from Grandma Crawford.

Check out the back too...not detail overlooked.

For E I made a giant, red velvet cupcake, with Mike and Ikes on the top for giant sprinkles.

Everyone else got cupckaes with regular sprinkles, I know, bor-ing. So I did include a miniature pinwheel too. I don't even think anyone got stabbed with the wooden part either.

E loves wheels. Even when GG is taking a seat, he prefers to push her around. He does this to strangers ALL THE TIME, it can be a bit embarrassing, like at church and someone is trying to listen to the lesson and E is grunting away trying to shove them out of the aisle. So reverent. Sorry, back to the festivities.

It took a little convincing, but eventually, he got the hang of it.

Coming up for air.
Thank you to everyone who could come and celebrate with us. E had such a good time and seriously loaded up on gifts!! Thanks.