Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We are Suckers

Did you know that they do "Spring" Pictures at our school? I thought it was a complete sham until this year -- Ethan's picture turned out so cute. I have no idea how he is wearing a nicer shirt or anything, because I fully intended to immediately return the pictures they send home unsolicited. I mean, I buy the ones in the fall, but I'm not overpaying TWICE a year for a photo of my kid. But darn it, they got my $14 for the Spring photo. Just thought you might want to take a gander. How on earth is my little Ethan growing up so quickly?!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's been over a year...

Practically a year and a half since I've updated this little beauty. So sorry, my dear friend to have neglected you. Perhaps you've moved on, that's just fine with me. I really just hope to get this thing all printed up for my little ones someday so they can read a book all about them, and gaps like this won't be much fun. So feel free to skip the next one hundred posts as I catch up. I won't be offended.

Monday, July 30, 2012

More Pictures from July 2012

We had so much fun in July this year that we were always worn out!
Charlotte is incredibly tolerant of being "handled" by her brothers -- she probably doesn't realize there's an alternative!
Milk coma...sleeping babes are the best, aren't they?
An important milestone happened this month! Ethan changed Lincoln's wet diaper! Hooray for the older child! And hooray for teaching service to others!
At Grandma's house, the boys got to watch these eggs become baby chicks and then learn to fly! It's amazing how quickly the whole process happens -- not unlike my own baby chicks.
We have a favorite authentic restaurant here, called, "Tortilleria de el Molinos" (or something similar) that serves the absolutely best homemade yogurt with fresh fruit. My kids want to eat that exclusively for dinner. At first, I resisted, then I realized I was encouraging them to eat refried beans with cheese on a tortilla instead of fresh fruit with yogurt. Hmm. Ok, you win! Bionicos for all!
This little girl has mastered sitting up, and is apparently very proud of herself (as are we)!
oh I'll never get enough of those chubby cheeks!
We have been growing our own garden here and I'm overjoyed at our production!
Ethan absolutely loves sporting suspenders at church. I will most certainly support that obsession for as long as I can -- even if he is also sporting major high waters by the end of church from playing with them.
Ethan's church teacher sent me these pics -- I love California weather!
Lincoln had his first visit to the dentist this month. I tend to put off starting dental visits since my kids are very late teethers, Lincoln didn't get his 2 year molars until he was 3!
Ethan loves the dentist and was more than happy to show Lincoln the ropes.
Ethan: "This light is so bright!"
Hygienist: "Well we have some shades if you like!"
I love going to our pediatric dentist! They are so good with the kids, and explain exactly what's going to happen before they start.
Photo credit goes to Ethan. Lincoln was still a little hesitant about sitting without mama for his visit.
Whenever my kids build a train track, they always want to take a picture of the finished product so we can build it exactly the same way again.
We had our friends, the McKissicks, come over to make Olympics torches together in honor of the summer Olympics, "Go USA!"
We also made a great deal of popsicles this summer, including some homemade chocolate hard shell using coconut oil -- absolutely delish!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July (2012)

 For the first time, we went to the Singing Flag for 4th of July. We went with our friends, the Rossi's, and it was so awesome!  
 You have to come super early in the morning (i.e. whistle blows at 6AM) and nail blankets down in the grass. It's pretty crazy. And can you get more American? Stars, Stripes, and some chunky thighs.

They light up the flag, and have songs, dancing and basically a HUGE performance.
 After all the singing and dancing, they have the best fireworks show!
 This might be the first year that Ethan didn't cry throughout the fireworks. He really hates all the noise.
 Ethan and Riley Jo have been buds since Ethan was born!
It was a beautiful night! I even got teary-eyed several times throughout the program. I love that the program brought more meaning to the 4th of July for me. I'm so thankful for our freedom!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012 - Officially into Summer!

When I look back at these pictures, I definitely think there are moments when I was an awesome mom. Unfortunately, I don't think that's true anymore, since I prefer to just hole up in my house and refuse to go anywhere, but at least I can remind my kids that, at one point, I used to be fun. These are a few outtakes from the month of June.
We frequented the Concord Airport many times. My boys loves this place! They recently remodeled it and now it's essentially a playground AND a place to watch planes. What's not to love?!
We also get to consume lots and lots of berries during the summer. The kids love having oatmeal with fresh berries. When I'm feeling really hardcore, I don't even add the brown sugar.
This little darling just can't be skipped. I have no idea what we were doing here, but it was, undoubtedly, much better with her there.
We went to the drive-ins! The kids got all snuggled up and we watched a movie. Right on cue, after the first movie, the kids fell asleep and John and I had a little date night with the kids asleep in the van.
Of course, by the end of the night, it looked a little different.
We also have been getting great use out of our popsicle maker and the slip n slide. I'm pretty proud of myself for coming up with that combo. You get sticky. Then wash it all off.
Our friends, the McKissicks came over and we had a system with the two Zokus and even got in on making some character faces!
These guys have really taken to reading nighttime stories all in the bed together. It's pretty cute. It seemed like a crazy idea to have Ethan in such a big bed, but now I just see all the advantages (Thank goodness I made his king-sized quilt, eh?!)
We also got a zoo membership this year! I love that we can go for one hour or a few. We get out, get a little exercise (You've heard of the Oakland Hills right? Yeah they are most certainly present throughout the Zoo and I get a workout pushing two kids in the stroller!)
It's funny which animals catch their attention each visit. I'm not sure it's ever the same one.
We also went to swimming pools a lot this sumer!
The boys loved shooting each other with water canons and only got a little sunburned.
Ethan commandeered my goggles for the day, but he looks pretty cute in them. I might let him keep them.
Can they get any cuter? My kids are made to be outdoors.
For the first time ever, we went to Mission Dolores park in San Francisco too this month! Oh my goodness, this park is awesome, but it is HUGE!
It's a little tricky keeping your eyes on the kids when there is so much room!
It was such a perfect day in the city though!
We stopped into bi-rite ice cream too and it did not disappoint!
It got so hot there, we had to seek out some shade refuge with friends. We stayed for a long, long time.
Ethan really wanted to include this one. It's always a good thing when you've got chocolate all over your face from consuming lots of chocolate covered popsicles.

Charlotte has a funny habit of puling herself up and then falling asleep. It's hard to see in the picture, but she's in a swing and pulls herself up, away from the back of the seat to fall asleep.
Happy June!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bay Area Discovery Museum - June 2012

On my birthday this year, I took all the kids to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I can't get sick of this view ever.
 I really do love this bridge.
 This was our first visit and I had no idea what to expect. It was basically a gigantic science exhibit and play place for kids to explore. Everything was just their size.
 I think my favorite part of the museum, and one the kids wanted to revisit again and again was the painting wall. Basically they gave the kids paintbrushes and water based paint to cover a giant plexiglass wall.
 After they are finished with their work, they could use spray bottles filled with water to spray down their work, then squeegee it down to the bottom.
 It was just as much fun to paint as it was to clean up afterward. They painted over and over.
 It only took a few visits for me to realize that they had waterproof aprons there. It was a good idea, but not entirely foolproof.
 But it was all worth it to see these boys interested in creating their own art.
 This is something I would seriously consider installing in my house if I had endless amount of room and or a single playroom, and a weekly maid too, I suppose all that water could get pretty messy. Ok, how about an outdoor, covered playroom? With a patio/type floor with a central drain. Done. Perfection. Draw up the plans.
 It's funny how train obsessed these boys are. We have the exact same trains at our house, and they were still occupied for a long time in this area.
 The only problem is when other kids needed a train after Ethan had hoarded the majority. 
 Whoops. Next stop, Meltdown City.
 At least we got quickly distracted when we discovered a large fishing boat, complete with life vests!
 Lincoln even ventured into the crabbing area.
 On the lower side of the boat there were different aquariums filled with fish and a maze for the kids to run through. Very clever indeed.
 The museum cleared out considerably in the late afternoon, and we had the wave/wind area all to ourselves.
 The boys placed different wind socks and mini turbines in the way of these hugs fans, then turned it on to see how they moved with the "wind."
 The fan was so load, Charlotte was a little less enthused with this exhibit.
 We headed over to the wave pool, which had enough boats for 30 kids all to these guys.
 Can you see those cog wheels a-turning?
 They had boats of all different shapes and sizes and the boys stacked them as they as they could then watch them topple over in the waves.
 Clearly the water exhibits are right up their alley.
 Of course, anything with a considerable amount of noise is a plus as well.
 It was such a beautiful day in the city and with the backdrop, it couldn't get any better!