Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day at Collin's Lake

For Memorial Day Weekend we went to Collin's Lake with the Rossi's. Oh my goodness it was crowded!
 It really wasn't a super warm weekend to go boating, but that didn't stop Teri!
 They brought their trailer and we set up camp just down the hill from them.
 Look at the HUGE fish John caught!
 It might have been cold, but the boat rides are always fun!
 And if we're near water, you know there is a fishing trip planned!
 Ethan and Riley are always willing to pose for the camera.
 It was a beautiful sunset while we were fishing.
 I don't think we caught anything, but it was still a nice ride.
 I think we might have had two desserts that night, ice cream cones, and then s'mores. Shh. Don't tell the kids. Thanks, Rossi's we always have a good time camping/boating with you!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Daddy/Son Campout and a Carnival

Our ward had a Father/Son campout and John only brought his phone (as a camera).
 Since I wasn't there, I can't give great commentary.
 John said it was great to hang out with everyone and they woke up early the next morning to break camp and eat pancakes, yum!
 Ethan told every person we met, at least for a month about how "daddy drove over three rivers and he is crazy."
 Evidently, the road was a little low and John had to drive through the water that ran over the roadway to get in and out of the campsite. Ethan thought it was insane!
After they got back, John went to work and I took the boys to a nearby carnival at a school.
Lincoln was not too happy about hanging out in the stroller.
Ethan loved the fishing games.
And the fishing games.
But, impressively, he got two "ringers" in horseshoe!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Camping at Big Sur

We went camping to Big Sur and had so much fun!
 After setting up camp, we immediately started the fire. It was COLD!
 Lincoln loved sitting in the big camping chairs by himself.
 The following morning we set out on a short hike at Julia Pfieffer State Park. It was a quick, but beautiful hike!
 I think it's the only place in the United States where a waterfall lands on a beach.
 My handsome boys!
 Ethan really enjoyed running through the tunnel that ran under the freeway.
 There was even a nice little river that ran alongside the pathway.
 We returned back to camp for some snacks. Our campsite had a few Albino Redwoods growing there. Weird.
 Then we set out on the longest hike ever! We didn't realize it was going to be so intense at the time, of course. We hiked from our campsite to Pfieffer State Park and the hike was not all that well-used, and seemed a bit treacherous for my liking -- especially with a three-year-old.
 Once we got to Pfieffer, we took a hike up to see some waterfalls. Along the way, we stopped to take a rest and this gigantic snake slithered right behind where I was standing!
 We made it to the top, and definitely enjoyed the view.
 On the way back, we decided that walking along the highway back to camp was a good idea. Still scary, but less scary.
 Don't you worry, we made our s'mores that night!
 Bringing a high chair was a brilliant idea, Lincoln stayed much cleaner this way!
 On our way home, we stopped at our favorite park!
 We couldn't just drive right be and not take advantage of the red slide.
 Look at these cute brothers.
 Ethan hated the swings when he was little. Lincoln LOVES them!
 We had such a nice weekend, and what a great way to end it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hiking around...

One afternoon, we decided to go hike around Lafayette Reservoir. We've gone fishing there several times, but this time, John left the poles at home and we hiked around the reservoir, I think it's just over 2 miles.
 Ethan didn't last too long in the carrier. He wanted to RUN! And it was hot enough outside, we were happy to let him!
 All around the reservoir there are fantastic views. It just felt so nice to be outside!
 Lincoln loves the hiking backpack.
Along the way they had signs talking about the wildlife or plants. Ethan loved looking at all the pictures and then playing i-spy along the hike.
Can you spy the deer?
 Ethan would say his legs were getting tired towards the end, but then he would sprint towards me. He made it the whole way though! Such a strong kid!