Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The month of August

It's been so long I can hardly remember what E was doing two months ago. I do know that he got his first two teeth (July 28th & August 1st).
He started hanging on the gate located in the background, and banging on it like a monkey lcoked in a cage.

We got to take a trip to the beach house.

He got to build sandcastles with daddy. And get his first mouthful of sand. Here's the pic right before the dive head first into the sand.

John and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary at Patrick David's.
Seeing as Justin & Yuan shared our reception, we thought it would be fun to have them come celebrate with us. Then of course we couldn't leave out Jared & Shannon too, so we made a party of it. I think it was the first time John and I had a date night as Grandma watched E. It might have been our first date since he was born...And E also started driving around with a little walker everywhere he could go. And would pretty regularly get mad when things got in his way.

What have you been doing?!


So this summer my dad, REX, came to visit and help us with (READ: practically do everything involved with) remodeling our bathroom. He spent two weeks here and we were able to demolish the entire bathroom, add insulation throughout the attic (making the upstairs once more a much more pleasing environment), put in a new whirlpool tub (ahhhhh), fancy tile work, new plugs and switchplates, move our lighting fixture and add a new one, paint (twice, I didn't like the first color, it made it look like you entered inside a cardboard box), tiled the floor, new cabinets, and put in the granite (actually someone else put this in, we're not that crazy).

Behold Before:



So see that fancy business on the base of the tub. That part was AAAAAALL me. You may close your mouth now. We still need to put up a mirror and the towel bars, but if I waited until that was done, you may never get to see our hard work. Until then, little man has to wait until we're in department stores to check himself out in the mirror.