Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 2012 - The month of "Work"

One day, the boys decided Charlotte's chair needed to be fixed. I had to document the whole process. It was adorable. First off, Lincoln was underneath, just moving his hands around the bottom of the chair. A few minutes later, Ethan grabs his toolbox and decides to hand off the proper tools. I seriously doubt they have ever seen John work under a car, but they must have picked it up from somewhere!

Charlotte was very appreciative.
 One thing I need to document about Lincoln is that he is a very sensitive boy. He has been our first child that loves soft things and the texture of fabrics. He doesn't have one lovie, but rather he gathers all lovies together to claim them as his. One day, I found him cuddled up with one of Grammie Pammie's blankets (with minky on one side) and one of GP's burp cloths, again with minky. This boy likes comfort.
This month I also finished our family photo wall! Don't mind the large piano keys, I was just waiting on a large print from Costco.
 We also planted a garden this year. I have the worst green thumb in the world. I can't even get zucchini to grow. That doesn't mean I don't attempt it, every. single. year. I just have to feel a little bad for those poor plants who happen to end up in my care. (sigh) Perhaps someday I'll get the hang of it.
 One of the most fun activities we did the month was to go on a little overnight camping trip with friends.
 Camping is a lot of work, but somehow with friends and just an overnight, it was entirely worth it.
 And when you do it right after Easter, you get to have Peeps in your s'mores!
 Turns out they toast right up!
 Lincoln takes his chocolate consumption very seriously. He was unable to take his eyes off the chocolate for a picture.
 Yes, that's chocolate grahams you see. And perfection.
 Goodbye sun! See you in the morning!
Another momentous occasion has begun. Tara started quilt group! I hope that means something to my kids someday (meaning they recall this fabulous moment -- even if it's groans from them, that means that I must be still doing it!).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Our friends, the Walkers opened up their awesome house to host the hugest Easter egg hunt ever! Do you see the number of kids that were there?! And even more amazing, everyone walked away with a ton of candy/eggs.
Lincoln is just too darn cute! He absolutely LOVED finding the eggs!
This by is built to be a treasure hunter.
But THEN, oh then, he found the play structure and it was all over.
The little darling is so much fun!
Ethan showed him the works on how to propel oneself down the slide the fastest, just what every just-two-year-old needs.
Charlotte was a peach and stayed in my arms cooing and smiling. So nice to not ale me chase her up and down those hills.
Easter morning didn't disappoint either.
These boys really are expert egg finders.
All morning (and a few weeks after) we hid then found eggs. 

I was especially impressed by how well they found the eggs, we started really hiding them, and it just increased their drive to find more.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lincoln turns 2!

This little guy is such a joy to be around! Always happy, and a super brother -- both to Ethan and to Charlotte. He will do anything for anybody, and has about the cutest voice I've ever heard. He is quite the talker, with people constantly asking if he is much older.
 Grandma Jane likes to bring presents for everyone at birthdays, and this year was no exception!
 It's great to be two!