Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend we were still in Utah, after celebrating Pammie's Graduation. The boys had fun dying the Easter eggs.
 The did a marvelous job of coating them with sticker and the other whatnots.
 Easter morning came bright and early (I was hoping the time change would let me sleep in a little - but it did not!)
 I had a friend of mine make matching hats for the boys. We really need to go to Disneyland with these! Sidenote: Every time Ethan watches a Disney movie and the castle comes on in the beginning, he always gasps, "Mommy, you forgot to take me there today." That we did, Buddy.
 The Easter Bunny brought punch balloons for the boys!
 And a bubble gun! It might be freezing outside, but anything goes when bubbles are involved!
 Chocolate Bunny Ears - The breakfast of champions.
 Lincoln was much more health-conscious and opted for the pancakes.
 Ethan had so much fun playing with Grammie Pammie's train set!
 We had so much fun with Pammie, Uncle Nate, and Honey this weekend!
 Technically, this picture did not happen Easter weekend, but I had to show a picture of the boys in their cute hats!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Grammie Pammie Graduates from BYU!

I love that my mom got into BYU and now is graduating! I'm so proud of her and, of course, love the opportunity to lecture her on talking on the phone and making sure she is keeping up on her studies. I flew out with the kids to watch her graduate. The night before, they had a smaller graduation ceremony with just the people in her program.
 Can you spot Grammie Pammie in the middle?
 She was well-loved by everyone in her class. We had lots of people tell us how awesome she is.
 Then they had a little food reception, of course. She graduated in Dietetics, so of course they would have food there! What a good major!
 We got to hang out with my Cousin, Annie, and her little boy, Kamdyn.
 The boys got along so well!
 The following morning was the real deal, the one in the Marriott Center. Doesn't she look so excited?
 My mom was surprised to find out that ALL of her siblings came to watch her graduate. She had no idea they were all coming. My aunt Karla helped me out with the boys during the graduation. I think they did remarkably well for a 2 hour event.
 Her she is doing the hand-shaking and diploma-receiving.
 It's official!
 Here are the kids! Her favorite kids of course! Ok, my sister might be having a baby in a few weeks, and Nate might be working, but we know who really loves her ;)
 What good is a graduation without some food to celebrate! After the big to-do, we all went o my Aunt Karla's house to fill up our bellies. Here is My Aunt Lori with my brother, Jared.
 My uncle Reggie, Glen girlfriend (can't remember her name, oops!), Uncle Glen, and my Aunt Sharleen.
 My Uncle Dale is sitting next to Justin.
 Here are all the Storer children! Dale, Sharleen, Pammie, Glen, Lori and Karla!
 Ethan and Justin making a little mischief.
 Lincoln said he really enjoyed the cake.
 Later on, Justin made the mistake of falling asleep on the couch. Nice 'stache, bro.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 40th Tim!

John's brother, Tim, turned 40 this year! We got to go over to his house for some fantastic sandwiches and chocolate cake.
 Ethan could see Tim was going to need some assistance blowing out all those candles.
 He also provided some supervision while Sharon cut up the cake.
 Lincoln kept Grandma company.
 Then we all got to dig in to some chocolate!
 Every time we go to Tim's house, we take a family photo in front of his house. I love this tradition!

Camp Webster April 2011

Friends of ours, the Websters, are renting a house on the Delta and invited us to come for a visit conference weekend. John was so excited to spend some time fishing, we ended up bringing our tent and everything for the weekend. Thanks Websters for putting up with us! 
 First thing in the morning, my boys were out on the dock getting their lines in.
 Not too long afterwards though, we had some girls come and join us.
 Janelle made waffles with strawberries for everyone. It was such a treat, delish!
 Ethan thoroughly enjoyed them. He didn't even know cream on waffles was a option, now I'm really in trouble.
 After that, we had a little fishing excursion on the dock again.
 A very successful excursion I should say.
 Elizabeth caught a fish as well.
 Janelle even had some crafts for the kids to do while they were "listening" to conference.
 What better way to spend a day than fishing and shooting?
 Good, that is, until you let the recoil from the gun knock you in the head and split your head open. Doesn't my man look, so, extra, manly?
 They have a zip line set up for the kids as well.
 Here goes Ethan! 
 He wasn't so sure about this to begin with, but after an excellent demonstration by Caroline, he was ready to go.
 Then he thought he was super tough.
 Janelle's parents came out for a little shooting. Her mom was an exceptional shot. I don't think she missed one!
Janelle's brother too came for a little zip line fun. And yes, he told us it is still fun, even if you're dragged on the ground for the last 50 feet. Well, it was fun for us too.
 Here's our little setup for the weekend.
 Janelle took us on a fabulous twilight cruise around the Delta.
 Look at their setup! I love this place! 
 Then of course, before dinner we had a little more time for fishing!
And a little relaxing.
 The kids had so much fun together. Love the Websters, and their cute girls! Thank you so much again, for a fantastic conference weekend!