Sunday, May 4, 2008

The entire month of April

Well and some of March too. I've been severely neglecting my bragging duties as mom. Turns out I'm not any better at contributing and journaling to a blog than I ever was at keeping a written journal. Well actually, at least once a month or every two months is better. I think the last time I wrote in my journal I was a freshman in college. So I guess it all depends on your perspective. At least I'm posting this often and you're not seeing Ethan graduating or something.
In March, my mom had the beach house in Monterey and she invited John's mom to come along. We had Jared, Shannon, cousin Henry, Pammie and Jane along with our little fam. Mostly we spent a whole lot of time doing practically nothing. It was a dream come true.
And by practically nothing you should know that we spent only time eating and sleeping. Since that's all we do in Monterey. Oh how we love eating.Also featured in the month of march, John and I had dinner group at our house. The theme was Hawaiian Luau along with Tiki Torches and grass hats. In case you can't find Ethan, he's the head mysteriously bobbing amidst the floral motifs of our shirts. In my opinion nothing tops funny like family matching outfits. Thanks Tim for the Christmas presents. See? We're using them!
Now in April:
Ethan got to fulfill his own dad's dream of drooling over a 572 Chevy motor. John will be embarrassed that I can't remember the horsepower anymore. I think it was like 590 or something, but maybe he can correct me later. Whatever it was, it was pretty and worth more alone than my entire car. And dad was so proud that Ethan couldn't take his hands off the thing.
Ethan turned 7 months! No specs here, but I do have a funny story. You see, in case you haven't met me I'm a person of extremes. If I'm in, I'm in all the way. So when it came time to buy Ethan the number 2 baby foods, I didn't just buy a few to get us started, I bought EVERY one that they make. Turns out there are over 25 new foods and I don't think you really HAVE to buy all of them. Oh, but I do. Then there were so many that I had to create an excel spreadsheet so I wouldn't get mixed up in what new foods I had introduced and which ones I had given to the sitter for her to give him for the first time. It was quite the process. Did I mention how much I love excel? I'm a total geek. It's a little known secret, but I'm a closet OCD fan. I can't say that I am OCD, as if you've seen my house you'll know that's a lie. But I do have some things that must be a certain way. That includes hangers must look like a question mark when you're looking at the shirt, the toilet roll paper must come off like a waterfall, and the hangers in my house must all line up evenly (thanks Jami). I also have a certain way to put a pillowcase on the pillow, but I cannot go on. There are more, but there must be some secrets kept. Otherwise my sister may learn more new ways to irritate me...
Ethan loves his number two foods and is eating like a champ these days. And in fact, becoming more and more of a ladies man.Here are Ethan and cousin Henry on a recent play date. Ethan was thrilled to have such a friend come over. Henry was less than certain about this meeting. Oh but they are going to be quite the pair.
And here are my favorite boys getting some good cuddle time. Ethan does love his daddy. You should see the legs kick when Daddy comes home. Ethan has a funny little habit of rubbing his feet together much like a cricket. When he get excited he rubs them faster and harder and his poor little ankles even turn red. I need to get a video of it soon. Ethan and I also got to spend some good time at the park this month. And this is why I love living in the Bay Area. I remember when I was at school, I would call home and it would be freezing cold outside, slick ice on the roads and Pammie would tell me things like, oh it 86 here, I forgot it's still snowing there. And I would grumble and vow I was never leaving California after graduation. It's a good thing I found a husband who was just as agreeable to that notion. If you haven't come to visit. Now is the time. You can stay with us. The weather makes everyone agreeable.
Ta Dah! A whirlwind of a blog, but I posted pics. Some dialogue. And I can be guilt free for another month. Or, I may just post again in a week. Who knows!