Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Crawfords

The Crawford family came to our house again this year to celebrate Thanksgiving. Of course, I was so busy, I didn't get to take any pictures. Thankfully John's mom came to the rescue and let me use hers, thanks Jane!

Our little fam, all dressed up.
Here's the spread. Mmm. Looking at it now just makes me hungry for yams.
John's bro, Tim. Good thing we had toys for him, huh?
John's aunt Joan is center, with Ethan's 2nd cousins (I think that's how it works anyway -- John's cousin's children) Zach, Cody, & Courtney.
Time for clean up. Everybody clean up, clean up (Do you all know that song or do you have to have a 2 year old? Singing it is the only way we can get anything done around our house).
Ethan taking it easy in his low-rider.