Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 2008

Just look at this little munchkin! He is 4 months old!
 I still can't get over how much he looks like John! He's just a little mini-me! Or, I guess a mini-E!
 Check out this sweet sleep sack I made for him! John is totally not a fan of the animal print. I, of course, love it. Plus, if we ever have a girl, we can use it for her too! John says he looks like a girl already. I think he looks like Tarzan.
 This month I got to have a girls haircutting night at my house. April is not that grouchy, she was simple giving her sad "before" look.
Doesn't she look so happy now?
 Here is Brittany's before:
 And her after: Love it!
 Wow. Worst picture ever. I should never make this face again. Remind me that I look like this when I'm sad, and I'll remember never to do it again.
 Here are all the ladies that came, including our fabulous Janna that made our night (and at least next 6 weeks) even better!
 Also this month we got to go to the Exploratorium. I don't know why these are the only pictures I took. I love going to the Exploratorium and it's especially great when we go with Rex. He likes to point out why each exhibit is awesome and the physics behind everything. I always feel a little smarter after I go there. Too bad I can't retain any of it.
 Here is Justin, you can't even see his head!
 And here is no neck John!