Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

New Years Eve was relatively low key with the kids spending time on the Wii. I think this might be Ethan's first time playing the Wii! I have to remember to bust it out every once in a while. Or maybe I should just enjoy this time that he's not obsessed with video games -- I know my time is limited in this matter!
Grammie Pammie came out for the weekend and got to celebrate the new year with us too. There are no remaining pictures, because I think after we put the kids to bed, the majority of adults were asleep on the couch too!

Miscellaneous Christmasness

This was our Christmas Photo from this year. Charlotte is a week old! I couldn't believe we actually pulled this one off this year. Of course, Next year will be even more difficult because we have one more kid who has to look at the camera!
Ethan spent some time at Grandma's house making Christmas Cookies.
Lincoln helped too, and might have enjoyed a few cookies along the way.
These boys love playing together and have such cute moments of kindness between them.
Lincoln is modeling his bee costume that Jane got for the boys for Ethan's birthday. He is definitely in the "no picture" stage. He sees a camera and immediately says, "No picture."
The boys are adjusting nicely to having mom busy with nursing the baby quite a lot. We got inventive with how I can entertain them while I'm nursing. Picture taking is a very popular choice though.
Lincoln has started riding around on his car and keeps his noggin' well protected.
Ethan LOVES to hold Baby Charlotte and loves even more telling people that he calls her "Baby Charlotte Buns."
John's brother Tim came for a visit for an afternoon this month. The boys loved having their uncle around. Lincoln especially provided lots and lots of hugs.
Charlotte is still a tiny peanut, even after a month. She had a really hard time gaining weight in the beginning and we had to battle for practically every ounce! She was just such a tired baby!
Ethan is mommy's big helper though and loves to give Charlotte her bottles.
The boys spend a lot of time at Grandmas' house and rocking on her rocking horse.
We have lemons! We planted this tree I think the first year that we moved into this house and this year it's finally producing!
In a rare moment, Lincoln started posing for me next to the tree one afternoon while we were enjoying some outside time. I can't believe he's turning into such a little boy now!
I love that it can be December in California but still relatively warm and sunny.
This was one of the first times that Ethan wrote his name all by himself and it looks just perfect! Thank you to Uncle Justin and Auntie Yuan for the Christmas present!
John and I are very particular about letting our kids drink from our cups during a meal. We want to reduce our chances of chunky backwash so we always ask them to open their mouths so we can check for food. Lincoln always opens his mouth with such violence. It's hilarious!
Ethan and Daddy imitate nicely, don't you think?
When my sister and her family were in town this month, we got to go meet up at a park near John's work for a lunch date. The kids all squished into the swings together.
They loved it, and what a great way to keep track of so many little ones. They definitely couldn't get out on their own. We were a little worried we wouldn't be able to get them out either!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Six Flags with the Parsons and Jane

With our newly purchased season passes to Six Flags, we were able to get my sister's whole family into the park for $15 or something. Pretty Amazing!
The kids had a fabulous time together.
Even my sister and I got to enjoy some of the rides.
Or maybe a didn't enjoy them -- kidding! I was just pretending to puke on Mark (my sister's hubs).
Jane got to come along too and help corral the kids.
We just saw a few shows while we were there and I was so happy that John was able to join us again. I love it when he has Saturdays off!
The boys got matching striped sweaters for Christmas, it makes it a lots easier to find them in a crowd -- where's Waldo anyone?
We got a leash for Lincoln last year after he went missing in a mall in Oregon last year. This kid thinks he is 5 already. I spent a little more to get a Mickey Mouse one and he LOVES it. 
No, really, he does. He was upset that he didn't get to buckle it. I love that upset face though. It cracks me up.
They had extra Christmas toys laid out in several places in the park. The boys picked a train to pose on, weird, huh?
Mark took a million instagram photos while we were there. This one was my favorite.
Maddie and Timmy were so fun to play with too.
I love this one, and amazingly, the boys are both smiling and looking in the general direction of the camera!
Afterwards, we all headed to a superb dinner at Denny's. By superb, I mean of course, we didn't have to wait 30 minutes with all of our tired, hungry kids.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tilden Park with the Fam

With my sister's family in town we had activities planned every day. I had a bunch of Tilden Park tickets that I got at a discount so I was happy to use them!
Ethan, Timmy and Lincoln all enjoyed the ride.
I think each of the kids rode the carousel at least 4 or 5 times.
Then they spent quite some time just enjoying the grassy knoll.

It was great to meet up with everyone there!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
The boys woke up and were so excited it was Christmas!
They immediately got to work opening up their stockings. Cars 2 characters were a hit this year!
And there was much rejoicing (name that movie).
This is the boys reaction as they walked in to see all their Christmas presents. Ethan was amazed.
And then the realization and excitement struck.
Jane got to come over to watch the kids open presents.
Charlotte was busy eating so she let me open her presents.
Then we enjoyed some fabulous Monkey bread and scrambled eggs, all before church. I love Christmas Church! Jane got to come with us and enjoy our amazing Ward choir. Such a fabulous meeting!
That night, we took everyone to the Oakland Temple and enjoyed the lights.
It was a beautiful, clear night, but it was freezing!
It was a little late for the boys, but they survived!
I forgot to bring my tripod for the low-lighting, although with my busy boys I'm not sure that it would have made a difference!
Jami brought Maddie and Timmy to meet us there.
I couldn't believe the kids were able to stay still this long! It was pretty cold that night!
Here's our family picture! Charlotte is sporting her Christmas jammies, and you can just barely see her eyes in the photo.
What an excellent way to end a day celebrating our Savior's birth!