Sunday, July 27, 2008

Double your pleasure

Word on the street is this one is now over 17 lbs. p.s. he's only 2 months old


My nephew. Born on July 6th. He's going to be such a charmer.
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Family Fotos

My dear friend Liz gave me the great honor of taking our Family portraits before hightailing it to AZ. We will forever be grateful. Family schamily. I still can't believe she left me. Who needs a 9000 square foot house anyway?

Onto the main delight. Of course E was the star of the show. Now you may see what a little gem we have (as if you didn't know already). We took these at the Shadelands rose gardens right at dusk.

And yes, I know that John's head is cut off in this one, but really, is his hair all that interesting? Use your imagination and plug it in. Liz is also highly entertaining, so we really were all laughing in this one.

I think this one could very well be found hanging on our living room wall someday. That is of course, when we have time to do pleasant things like decorate the house. We prefer to do the demolishing...more on that next time.

E loves giving his mommas kisses. And from the looks of it, he is definitely all boy. I don't think girls could be this rough at 10 months. It's a good thing he doesn't have any teeth yet.

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