Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beach House trip with the Parsons and the English Parsons - March 2012

"Another trip to the beach house? Do these people ever stay home?"
Ahem. Would you? We took long walks on the beach this trip.
And we had lots of movie watching and playing with cousins. (My brother-in-law also had his parents here from England -- on a side note you would not believe how much free stuff these guys get with their accents, or maybe their personalities! When we were at the caramel apple shop, someone in front of Maralyn paid for her lot of apples, then turned to her and said, "Enjoy your visit!")
We also went to the aquarium this trip! Love this place! The older the kids get the more they enjoy it!

The tot lot has been our saving grace at the beach house. Anytime the kids are getting a little too house bound whether it be from indecisiveness or nap schedules (the adults, of course), the kids all go to the tot lot. I think this trip John and I had 9 children at the tot lot. We're pretty amazing.

And what, pray tell, would a beach trip in Monterey be, without fleece jackets? Cold weather cannot keep this brood from the beach. Oh, and don't you worry. If you've forgotten your fleece, your much older girl cousin will let you borrow her beautiful and warm, pink fleece. (Although pink remains Ethan's favorite color -- so the jokes on you, people).

Uncle Nate came along for the ride as well and provided the best entertainment! After a long walk on the beach, we stopped along fisherman's wharf -- the REAL one, where the fisherman sell their catch of the day -- and Nate purchased a few pounds of their cheapest fish. Then we walked to the other side of the pier and fed the seals!
I remember a very long time ago, when I was a little girl, my family went to this pier where they would sell fish in small paper bowls that you could feed to the seals. All over the place there were signs that said, "do not feed the pelicans." Well my little brother and I were throwing our fish to the seals, and low and behold a pelican swooped down and grabbed a fish along with Justin's hand! That pelican got fed! Whoops! Some environmental conservationists likely got rid of this practice, but today we put it back into play for just a few minutes. Thankfully we didn't have any greedy pelicans looming by. Oh, and Justin was just fine, turns out a pelican bite is not that serious. It scared him more than anything.
Recognize this place? You KNOW it's Dennis the Menace park! I can't say enough great things about this place!
Apparently the kids did pretty well too because they also got a trip to Ghiradelli!
While we're talking about great places to go eat in Monterey, I also highly recommend Gianni's Pizza. Great garlic breadsticks! Just make sure if you have a ginormous party, you go during off times. That place can get crowded!

This little one got to celebrate his birthday a little early with cousins! This boy won't ever argue with a piece of chocolate cake!

March 2012 -- A Month of learning

 The very beginning of this month, Charlotte learned how to roll over! She is such a happy babe!
The boys learned how to ride the tricycle together and even go over jumps.
I learned how to make scrabble tile necklaces and made them for our entire Relief Society organization, in celebration of the Relief Society Birthday this month.


Jane learned how to make clothes for a baby girl.
 The boys learned how to keep themselves entertained at a Pizza restaurant.
Charlotte is learning to tolerate constant love in the form of body slams.

 I learned that rainbow pancakes are a huge hit for St. Patrick's Day.

Ethan learned about the life cycle in preschool as the baby chicks hatched this month! 

All of the kids learned how to make hand prints in the cement at Grandma Jane's house.
Ethan learned how to listen a little better during General Conference by making a topic train.