Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random moments in January

As we were packing up all the decoration from Christmas, Ethan and Lincoln did their part to help me out.
 Wouldn't you love to get these packages in the mail?
 Ethan is loving the job of "big brother" and likes to teach Lincoln lots of things, especially if it involves the proper use of riding cars.
 Ethan also wants to be the best helper.
 I think Daddy loves to get his help too.
 Cute buns!
 My boys enjoying a nice ride at Costco.
 Ethan loves to take bike rides all year round. This time, he learned all about making wishes.
 Take a deep breath.
 And blow!
 Ethan also learned how to button his shirts all by himself!
 Lincoln is cruising around on all fours this month.
 Lincoln packs in the food like nothing else, he must be getting ready to GROW!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A day in SF

To be fair, it was really only an evening in SF. We started out the late afternoon after the boys had their naps and after John got home from work. We took BART into the city.
 First item on the agenda is to see the trolley cars. Ethan is completely obsessed. He loves to see the bus around our hometown that he calls the trolley bus. The real deal was even more exciting.
 I am just completely obsessed with this cutie. It's a good thing he loves his Ergo Baby.
 The Trolley car comes into view!
 I mostly just wanted you to see my sweet boots. My sister got a whale of a steal on Amazon and I got to buy her cast offs! Merry Late Christmas to me!
 We went down to the pier and got to watch all the huge boats.
 And more importantly, follow the train tracks we discovered there.
 Alcatraz even looked beautiful.
 Ethan found a loving pair of seals to take a rest on.
 Then we ended the evening at, where else? Ghiradelli! We really need to do this more often!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years at the Beach House

Immediately after returning home from ID for Christmas, we headed down to the beach house with our friends. While there we had a fantastic bike ride.
 John doesn't look too thrilled about riding his new bike. It might be because I gave him a sound thrashing for not buckling his straps on his helmet. Ahem. Attempting to ride his bike without first buckling his helmet. Safety first, my love.
 Teri is a power horse for riding with both Riley and Ethan in the trailer. Those kids get heavy!
 And of course we had to let our friend enjoy our favorite park. How many pictures do I ahve exactly of the red roller slide?
 April is taking one for the team in helping Jackson down the slide, obviously.
 I wish, I WISH, I knew what this conversation was about. Please submit your own caption here.
 Playing, as it turns out, is a lot of hard work.
The fantastic bridge.
 See? Lincoln had a workout.
 We spent lots of time at the beach house also getting our groove on with Rock Band.
 Playing some "friendly" games of Settlers too.
 Janelle rocked us all with her mad skilz on the guitar. I think she must spend the majority of nap times perfecting the art of Rock band.
 We know how to bring in the new year with style.
 Do you think we apcked enough people in the beach house. I't sa good things these boys aren't afraid to get cozy, eh?
 What would a beach house trip be, without a visit to the tide pools?
 Ethan instructed everyone in the fine art of "squish the things."
 Everyone got to enjoy the tide pools.
 Ethan found his own starfish!
 We were extremely fortunate to have low tide at the same time as "optimal colors" time with the camera.
 Thank you everyone who was able to come, the Jacobs, Rossi's, Dolls, Lees and Evans! Glad you aren't scared to take a risk on a packed house!