Sunday, June 28, 2009

Surprise! It's June!

Yes, we're alive, just busy as always. No excuses this time (wait, did I already give one? oops. Well no MORE excuses, certainly). I decided it's ultra boring to only go backwards to catch up, and most likely not going to ever be achieved, because, really, who wants to see pictures from 8 months ago anyway. It's all about the here and now, baby. I may slip in some old ones at some point, but it will be sporadic at best. Onto the good stuff, pictures of course. Oh yes, and cake too.

As for little man, he seems to be getting bigger every second. And boy, oh boy, has the language explosion occurred this month. He now says words like "bus" and "juice" with amazing precision. The speech therapist in me is beaming at every sound. Of course, the mommy in me is working to sound interested when he says it at every truck that passes by in the car. But really, at the end of the day, I always want to eat him up every second. Look at this kid. I bet you want to eat him too.
Now for the month's Recap:

So, in case you missed it, it was my birthday. I'll forgive you for sending my presents late. ahem. Anyway, John did a fantastic job of spoiling me this year. He made me many many meals throughout the entire birthday weekend. Got me a superb fancy green watch (which, sadly, got returned to Costco and put into savings for one fancy camera instead, release date to be determined). On my birthday eve however, he invited friends over for cake and ice cream. We devoured not one, but two delicious cakes. The first of which was a delightful rainbow chip cake made by Jane, John's mom.
And the second one, I made. Now, I know that it's sort of against the rules to make your own cake, but I wanted to. I really enjoy a good bake off, especially when I know I won't be doing the dishes. Plus, this is a lemon angel food cake that my mom always made for me on my birthday and it had to be just right (not unlike many things in my life, the dishwasher, the pillowcases, my closet hangers, there are rules people). And of course, I couldn't let John take all the credit. I'm super selfish in case you haven't met me. Sadly, I failed to get a group shot. So if you were there, I hope you remember it. It wasn't THAT crazy of a party.Next thing on the list, John climbed Half Dome! He went with these crazy yeah-hoos:and of course, had an amazing time.
And in case you didn't know it, John is super skinny. And super hot. So proud of him. ahhhhh.
Then came Father's Day. I had a super fantastic day with meals planned, activities planned, and I don't think anything I planned happened accordingly. First off, I told John I would be making him biscuits and gravy for breakfast, I slept in, and when i woke up, he was "setting up" for breakfast (aka halfway through making them), oops. Then we went to church, I think I did make him some lunch, and then he did get to take a gigantic nap along with Ethan. Then instead of my park day feeding the animals, John begged to go fishing instead. So we went to the Delta. It was awesome. All except for the part where Ethan kissed the fish...on the lips!!!!
The following weekend, Ethan and I went boating with the youth group in our church. It was awesome. Here is Ethan saying, "cheese." Funny how saying "cheese" doesn't actually make you smile, eh?
I met a new friend, actually the sister of one of my friends, I shall call her fancy Nancy, although she goes by many other names. She was one heck of a tubing partner. Ethan screamed his head off the entire time we were on the tube. Well I guess I was screaming too, but for entirely different reasons.At the end of the day though, we loved it. As we love all water sports and non-work activities.
The following week, another birthday celebration! Yeah! I love it when it lasts all month long. Next year, for the big 3-0 I hope it lasts for a month too, hint hint, John.
Funny how you can look so awkward with balloons on your head. Yeah, I was totally surprised too.And the fantastic ladies who helped me celebrate. And especially my friend, Tara, who I bullied into making me a fantastic apron. I love it, and wear it daily.Now for the last weekend, I know, you thought the month would never end, huh? So it's been super hot, in the triple digits party people, so I decided, since we don't have a pool we can go to all the time, we needed to bring some pool to us. So I bought E this little mini pool that has little spout all around it. It worked like a dream!E and I ran through it, laid in it, splashed in it. It was all I could ever hope for a $15 investment.
And did you check out his speedo? Ah, my heart melts for this little one.
Now, just one tiny little tidbit. I started running. Like, not after a ball or anything, but for fun. Well, torture, really, but kind of a sick-pleasure. It's been three weeks now of running everyday. I'm running now 2.75 miles every morning at 6am. So when you see me, you should ask and make sure I'm still doing it ok? Somehow by putting it in print, it lets me brag, but it also makes me have to keep doing it, just in case you ask.