Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Earl James Crawford, Jr.

This is Grandpa as he is known to all. More specifically, he is John's grandpa and father figure in his life growing up. This is also the James whom Ethan was named after. A phenomenal man. Always warm, compassionate and always the kidder. I love him. He passed away just a few weeks after Ethan was born. These are some of my favorite pictures of him.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Day of Delivery...

8:30am: John and Tara arrive at the hospital
9:20am: Doctor Fillmore breaks the water, dilated to 1 1/2, effaced70%, at a -2 (that's in reference to how far the baby has progressed into the birth canal, at the crowing of the head, you are a +5)
9:30am: Doctor Fillmore wants to hurry this baby along and begins Tara on Pitocin at a rate of 4, contractions are 5 minutes apart
10:00am: Tara decides to make the call to her brother, Jared (the anesthesiologist), for the epidural. Contractions are now 3-5 minutes apart. The doctor ups the dosage of the Pitocin to 8, Ethan is now sitting at a -1
10:30am: Jared hasn't made it to the hospital yet and Tara is getting fairly uncomfortable. They lower the dosage of the Pitocin back down to a 4
11:00am: Jared finally arrives to the hospital!!!
11:30am: The epidural is placed...finally some pain relief
1:30pm: Tara is dilated to a 4, 100% effaced, contractions are 2-3minutes apart. John jokes that Tara should have the baby around 3pm,everyone else is hedging their bets for MUCH later.
1:45pm: Tara's pain level is skyrocketing, and the epidural can't seem to keep up
2:00pm: Tara is now dilated to 9 3/4, 100% effaced, Baby is sitting at+1, the pushing begins
2:15pm: Dr. Fillmore arrives in the room
2:38pm: ETHAN JAMES CRAWFORD makes his arrival. He's 8lbs, 7oz. 20 inches long, with blue eyes and blonde hair

Ethan is pretty bruised up from the contractions...in fact, he had two bruises on his arm, bruises on his vertebrae, and a massive bruise on the crown of his head that they originally believed would be a birthmark. Only a few days later, he was unscathed.

Does he look nervous to you?

He is perfectOur first family picture!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Question. Why blog now?

For the most part, I think I'm too darn lazy. The thought of having something that I need to do every so often and if I don't do it, people will know. Kind of like having a public record of your hygiene habits. How many times does she shave in the winter? Maybe not such a good idea. But then I got to thinking and I thought of 10 or so reasons why blogging might be a good thing for me. Since I am a list person (despite my overall laid back demeanor I'm a closet organizer -- by which I don't mean I am a cubby device for every pair of shoes and socks, and a place to hang purses.) So you can see in the late night hours I was convinced by this very list to begin a new endeavor. Anyway, on with the list, in no particular order.

1. Use it as a journal. I find that with a diaper bag now, there is no room for my smaller, portable journal. Oh wait I don't have one of those. In fact, I can't remember the last time I wrote in a journal. Perhaps in college when you think you should document why on earth it's important to stay up all hours of the night instead of going to class. Perhaps by beginning a blog I may begin to document my fascinating life. I changed 8 poopy diapers today, here is the one I thought looked most like guacamole.

2. As a service. Unless you prefer me filling your inbox with gigs of photos of John and Ethan, and raving about how dreamy my life is...ok I won't do that anyway. But I think I forget too easily really great stories in my life, and sometimes I need proof of things happening the way I remember them, and not the way John remembers them.

3. I need more things on my to do list. Actually, this will take one off of my list. If I don't do it now, it will stay there indefinitely. Remember me and the lists? I forgot to mention that my favorite part of list-making is the act of crossing things off the list. I have been known to put things on a list that I've already completed, just so I can cross it off...shh don't tell.

4. This is an experiment. I have never been a writer. I had at least 5 roommates in college that were all English majors and they are all phenomenal writers and Boggle players. I can whoop your butt at Boggle, but alas cannot write. I'm wondering if I can hone a skill as a writer and develop a talent where not an inkling of one exists.

5. I'm superficial. Perhaps this will give me a reason to complete thoughts and delve deeper into questions within myself. Didn't that sound deep already? Or maybe it can be a way to keep track of goals that I have instead of making goals and quickly forgetting them. I might be accountable for something.

6. Guilt. If I have my own blog for others to read, I might feel less guilty about reading other people's blogs and thinking that we're really good friends and forgetting that the only reason I know what is going on in their lives is because I read their blog (Or...I might be a stalker and I should give others the right to stalk me).

7. Blogging will make me skinnier. So if I'm adding something new in my life it means that I'll have to take away something else. I've decided to replace my extensive dessert habit by blogging. Hence the title (which I'm really not in love with but it sounds less pretentious than "nobody doesn't like Tara lee" which was the only other thing I could think of). So if I actually remember this goal I'll be down a size by Christmas, or if I blog a lot, by Halloween. Dream come true right?

Ok, ten schmen. I'm getting bored with myself already. This could be a terrible idea. I don't know how I was talked into it. Maybe this just needs to be prettier. Can anyone teach me how? Next time I'm just posting pictures. I promise.