Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Juicy Ones Begin

By "juicy" I, of course, mean the diapers. That's right, we have officially started solid foods, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, & carrots. He seems to fluctuate a lot depending on his level of wakefulness. (I sound like I'm doing my documentation at work...must stop that) However, the food seems to be going well. I'm ready to move on to the green ones. Oh and can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to transition to two meals a day? It's great that everyone tells me I can do whatever I want. Usually I thrive with that sort of notion, but when it comes to feeding the kid, I'm looking for just a little more guidance.
Here is little man wearing an "I love daddy" bib. I simply had to document that I brainwash E equally with both "I love Mommy" and "I love Daddy" clothing options. Otherwise, John will continue making accusations.Here are the videos from the first couple times. And yes, I am aware that I said the date was 2007. I promise I am now completely oriented and ready to join the dementia unit at work.
And again just a few days later. I must warn you though, you will be hearing an entire minute of tara's "motherese." You may mute it if you like, or just skip it all together.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Half Full or Half Empty?

So do I say six months have come and gone? Six more months until Ethan is a year? Either way time is going by waaaaaaay too fast! Hence my blogging has come to a slow paced idle. I'm lucky if I average one post a month now, and then it's followed by promises to do more, but really, who is kidding who? We both know that isn't likely to start. Just like I'm not likely to be on time for your next function. But I will try...

So the stats are: 28 inches long, 17lbs 4 oz. making Ethan in the 93rd and 50th percentiles respectively. So a post wouldn't be a post without the pictures to show off. Here is your eye candy!

Grinning his little face off as always. And he still has that one dimple on his cheek.

Those baby blues...the good kind!
Ethan has mastered a bunch of skills....cooing, raspberries, drooling, chewing on everything in sight...especially fabrics (Justin, how did you teach him about gaga's already?), sitting up, giving baby hugs, squealing, standing on mama's lap with a little help, and scooting.And by mastered of course, I mean things he's doing, all the time and only some of the time.