Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012 - Officially into Summer!

When I look back at these pictures, I definitely think there are moments when I was an awesome mom. Unfortunately, I don't think that's true anymore, since I prefer to just hole up in my house and refuse to go anywhere, but at least I can remind my kids that, at one point, I used to be fun. These are a few outtakes from the month of June.
We frequented the Concord Airport many times. My boys loves this place! They recently remodeled it and now it's essentially a playground AND a place to watch planes. What's not to love?!
We also get to consume lots and lots of berries during the summer. The kids love having oatmeal with fresh berries. When I'm feeling really hardcore, I don't even add the brown sugar.
This little darling just can't be skipped. I have no idea what we were doing here, but it was, undoubtedly, much better with her there.
We went to the drive-ins! The kids got all snuggled up and we watched a movie. Right on cue, after the first movie, the kids fell asleep and John and I had a little date night with the kids asleep in the van.
Of course, by the end of the night, it looked a little different.
We also have been getting great use out of our popsicle maker and the slip n slide. I'm pretty proud of myself for coming up with that combo. You get sticky. Then wash it all off.
Our friends, the McKissicks came over and we had a system with the two Zokus and even got in on making some character faces!
These guys have really taken to reading nighttime stories all in the bed together. It's pretty cute. It seemed like a crazy idea to have Ethan in such a big bed, but now I just see all the advantages (Thank goodness I made his king-sized quilt, eh?!)
We also got a zoo membership this year! I love that we can go for one hour or a few. We get out, get a little exercise (You've heard of the Oakland Hills right? Yeah they are most certainly present throughout the Zoo and I get a workout pushing two kids in the stroller!)
It's funny which animals catch their attention each visit. I'm not sure it's ever the same one.
We also went to swimming pools a lot this sumer!
The boys loved shooting each other with water canons and only got a little sunburned.
Ethan commandeered my goggles for the day, but he looks pretty cute in them. I might let him keep them.
Can they get any cuter? My kids are made to be outdoors.
For the first time ever, we went to Mission Dolores park in San Francisco too this month! Oh my goodness, this park is awesome, but it is HUGE!
It's a little tricky keeping your eyes on the kids when there is so much room!
It was such a perfect day in the city though!
We stopped into bi-rite ice cream too and it did not disappoint!
It got so hot there, we had to seek out some shade refuge with friends. We stayed for a long, long time.
Ethan really wanted to include this one. It's always a good thing when you've got chocolate all over your face from consuming lots of chocolate covered popsicles.

Charlotte has a funny habit of puling herself up and then falling asleep. It's hard to see in the picture, but she's in a swing and pulls herself up, away from the back of the seat to fall asleep.
Happy June!

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