Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bay Area Discovery Museum - June 2012

On my birthday this year, I took all the kids to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I can't get sick of this view ever.
 I really do love this bridge.
 This was our first visit and I had no idea what to expect. It was basically a gigantic science exhibit and play place for kids to explore. Everything was just their size.
 I think my favorite part of the museum, and one the kids wanted to revisit again and again was the painting wall. Basically they gave the kids paintbrushes and water based paint to cover a giant plexiglass wall.
 After they are finished with their work, they could use spray bottles filled with water to spray down their work, then squeegee it down to the bottom.
 It was just as much fun to paint as it was to clean up afterward. They painted over and over.
 It only took a few visits for me to realize that they had waterproof aprons there. It was a good idea, but not entirely foolproof.
 But it was all worth it to see these boys interested in creating their own art.
 This is something I would seriously consider installing in my house if I had endless amount of room and or a single playroom, and a weekly maid too, I suppose all that water could get pretty messy. Ok, how about an outdoor, covered playroom? With a patio/type floor with a central drain. Done. Perfection. Draw up the plans.
 It's funny how train obsessed these boys are. We have the exact same trains at our house, and they were still occupied for a long time in this area.
 The only problem is when other kids needed a train after Ethan had hoarded the majority. 
 Whoops. Next stop, Meltdown City.
 At least we got quickly distracted when we discovered a large fishing boat, complete with life vests!
 Lincoln even ventured into the crabbing area.
 On the lower side of the boat there were different aquariums filled with fish and a maze for the kids to run through. Very clever indeed.
 The museum cleared out considerably in the late afternoon, and we had the wave/wind area all to ourselves.
 The boys placed different wind socks and mini turbines in the way of these hugs fans, then turned it on to see how they moved with the "wind."
 The fan was so load, Charlotte was a little less enthused with this exhibit.
 We headed over to the wave pool, which had enough boats for 30 kids all to these guys.
 Can you see those cog wheels a-turning?
 They had boats of all different shapes and sizes and the boys stacked them as they as they could then watch them topple over in the waves.
 Clearly the water exhibits are right up their alley.
 Of course, anything with a considerable amount of noise is a plus as well.
 It was such a beautiful day in the city and with the backdrop, it couldn't get any better!

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